Children's Dental Health Month
By Sharon Kuttler, RDH
February 10, 2011

When you think of the month of February what comes to mind? For many it is Valentine's Day and loved ones. At Kuttler Dental, when we think of special loved ones, we think of the little ones. And although February is recognized nationally as "Children's Dental Health Month," we are focusing on helping children every single day. Starting even before birth, we counsel parents on preventive care, and we see children for their first visit by their first birthday -- What better time to help prevent problems than at the very start? As a child grows, many dental changes occur and we are a part of making sure the right things are addressed at the appropriate times for each child. Besides being a resource, we are also building a relationship that focuses not only on awareness and knowledge, but also building trust and confidence with each child. We strongly believe that the foundational behavioral start with these visits with children can create a lifetime of good dental health and sound dental habits. We now have the honor of seeing many of the children of the children that have been brought up in the dental home of our practice, and find it heart-warming to see the legacy of what those parents have learned, and now bring to their own children's care.

-- Bill Kuttler, D.D.S. and Sharon Kuttler, R.D.H.


Childrens Dental Hygiene
By Ethan
June 07, 2011
Thank you for the information, I found a great website about childrens dental hygiene. It has a lot of good tips about what children should be doing to have a healthy mouth. It was really helpful when I was teaching my child the importance of dental hygiene.