First Visit

Your introduction to our practice is tailored to make the most of your time and our expertise. After your phone call we can determine an appropriate amount of time to reserve for you. The initial visit with us averages about an hour, but we encourage you to allow an hour and a half in your schedule to allow Dr. Kuttler and his team adequate time to assess your oral health and problem solve where necessary in case your situation requires extra attention.

To Prepare for Your First Visit

  • Bring information about your medical history and medications
  • Allow us to assist you in requesting records and x-rays from your previous dentist
  • Note any areas of concern that you would like to discuss with us

We encourage you to involve yourself in your own treatment and to ask questions throughout your visits. In our opinion, when you are involved and informed you will reach a higher level of health.

Often we find that people coming to us have never experienced more than a cursory examination and quick chair side discussion of what should be done. Our approach is to provide a thorough, thoughtful, and comprehensive examination to learn all we can about your dental condition and discuss our findings with you at an appropriate time.

At Your First Visit

  • We will ask about any medical conditions that influence our care for you
  • We will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, muscles, and bite
  • We may use an intra-oral camera to magnify some areas of your mouth on a TV monitor so we can both see them more clearly
  • We will assess the type and number of x-ray films that are necessary to evaluate your
    mouth and then take them
  • We often take some photographs of your mouth to view as we study your x-ray films
  • We sometimes take impressions of your mouth to have models to study patterns of how your teeth fit together and how your bite works

At the conclusion of our first appointment together we can develop a plan for future visits. Often, we’ll arrange an appointment with one of our hygienists as well as a time for a discussion of our findings based on all of the information gathered at your initial visit. Above all, your priorities, values, and expectations will guide us in learning what is in your best dental interest.