For Children

Your Child's First Visit
Your children will be welcomed to their own special place in our hearts and in our office. A special room in our reception area has appropriate books, games, and movies for your children to enjoy. You and your child can expect to have a very positive experience when you come to visit The Kuttler Dental Team!

We are committed to creating positive, behaviorally sound dental experiences for children. There is no visit that has more importance than your child’s first visit with us. From that visit we begin building a relationship with your child and creating memories that are the foundation for future visits.

We recommend that a child begin coming to us for dental examinations soon after their first birthday. At that time we can make certain everything is within a normal range for growth and development, as well as talk with parents about the important preventive habits that must begin. This also provides an opportunity for your child to get to know us while we learn about their dental conditions and possible future issues. We believe preventive dentistry works -- an early examination for your child helps determine if there are any small problems that can be treated before they are big problems! Even better, we hope to work with you and your child in PREVENTING problems.

To Prepare for your Child's First Visit

  • Practice counting teeth
  • Practice opening wide
  • Practice saying “ahhh”
  • Tell your child we will count and brush their teeth
  • Create enthusiasm for the fun of this special adventure

Often, for the first visit a child is comforted by the presence of a parent or sibling with them in the treatment room. We will work with you to determine what works best for your child and us. We will also work with you for the appropriate assistance and “cues” for what we need to do. Rest assured, we will all do just great!

Depending on the age of your child we may wish to take some x-ray films of your child’s mouth. The number and type of those vary based upon your child’s age and the condition of your child’s mouth. If your child has had films taken within the last few years by a previous dentist, it will be helpful for us to have them forwarded to our office.

At the first appointment, besides a thorough examination by Dr. Kuttler, one of our dental hygienists will provide preventive services. We strongly feel that children benefit from the preventive services of oral hygiene instruction and dental cleaning, including removing tartar together with tooth polishing, which is provided by registered dental hygienists. Ongoing oral care coaching occurs at each subsequent visit with your child with our hygienists. We make it interactive and fun -- engaging children in their own dental health journey!

At the end of our first appointment together, we will develop a plan of treatment for any further care that might be necessary. In all cases, what is in your child’s best interest will guide us.

If you have a dental benefit plan, you may wish to bring that information with you. A member of our business office staff will review this with you and help you determine what you can expect from your plan, and how we can assist you in maximizing your dental benefits. For more financial information, please click here.

How to be a Great Helper at the Dental Office

Each time your child visits with the Kuttler Dental Team, he or she will be seen by a registered dental hygienist. We promise to treat your child in a kind and respectful manner. We will work with you and your child to develop healthy habits that will last throughout their lives.

If your child has any apprehension about going to the dentist or wants to know what to expect, please watch the following videos. Each one shows a different step of the appointment and how your child can be a great helper during a visit with the Kuttler Dental team.

Step #1: Tooth Pictures

Step #2: Smile Cleaning

Step #3: Tooth Counting

Step #4: Smile Shining

Step #5: Visit with Dr. Bill