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Dubuque Teeth Whitening, Dental Implants, Veneers

Even a subtle change in your smile can help you project a greater image of self-confidence. The unique combination of Dr. Kuttler’s skill, experience, and commitment, together with the advanced techniques and materials we have available to us, can help you redesign your smile as well as make a difference in how you feel about yourself.

Services we offer include:

Emergency Dental Treatment

If you have a life-threatening or severe injury, call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room. We can treat a variety of traumatic dental injuries, including teeth that have been chipped, moved, or knocked out entirely. Please call our office for assistance.

Especially for You

  • Personal Comfort
    Your comfort in every way possible is our ultimate goal! We individualize your care to help create a visit that is pleasant and relaxing. We know that experiences come from sound, sight, smell and taste -- so we pay special attention that those senses are acknowledgedwith our intentions in the best ways possible. And rest assured we will make certain that your dental treatment is completely comfortable and that you will be appropriately numb for your treatment.

    With us you will find:
    • The warmth of a light blanket
    • The sound control of a headset with your favorite music
      The special attention to your neck and back with the customization of our dental chair with extra neck and back support
    • Protective, tinted, eyewear
    • Special lubrication for your lips
    • Attentive care for any other request to make your visit even more pleasant
  • Nitrous Oxide Gas
    For an extra level of calm and relaxation we offer nitrous oxide analgesia (sometimes referred to as "laughing gas"). The “floating feeling” can make the appointment time seem to pass very quickly and often creates the experience of waking up from a nice nap at the end of your dental treatment. Children often appreciate nitrous oxide to create a positive dental experience.

Behind the Scenes
We want people to visit us with complete assurance that we have done everything possible to create a safe environment. Everything we place in your mouth is either new and will be disposed of after your treatment or has been thoroughly sterilized. All of the surfaces you touch or the countertops we place equipment on have been disinfected and are usually also covered with a sterile or disposable towel. We all wear masks and gloves to protect you. You’ll notice many plastic barriers over things such as our light handles, chair buttons, or anything we may touch to further insure that we don't have any exchange of germs.

Our sterilization center is truly state-of-the-art. When our instruments leave the treatment room, they are placed into a cassette, run through a specialized "dishwasher", and then sterilized in a steam autoclave. All of our hand pieces are cleaned and lubricated and then also steam autoclaved to assure your safety.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We can now correct a wide variety of what used to be “permanent” dental problems. We’d love to talk with you more about what these procedures could mean for you!

  •  Teeth Whitening
    We love to see you smile - and there are many options available to help you whiten your smile. They range from the simplicity of using a "whitening toothpaste" to the complexity of in-office whitening. While almost all whitening has the potential of causing your teeth to be somewhat sensitive while you are doing it, that sensitivity usually quickly subsides.
    • “Whitening” toothpastes will help remove surface stains on your teeth, but they will not eliminate internal discolorations. Therefore, they are somewhat helpful to assist you in maintaining white teeth, but not particularly helpful in creating them.
    • Non-professional whitening products purchased in stores may work with minimal to moderate effectiveness, although they often are not as uniformly consistent as many people desire for an optimal result. In general if the advertising seems "too good to be true" it probably is. If you are considering a non-professional whitening system, talk to us to determine if it is one appropriate for your dental situation.
    • At-home whitening systems utilizing a gel solution are our whitening systems of choice. We construct custom made trays to wear for a few hours a day (many folks sleep with them). Most people see a significant change in how bright and light their teeth are within two to four weeks. Essentially all of the research in dentistry supports this approach as being the most effective, most long-lasting, and most economical approach to whitening.
    • In-office whitening is the other professional approach and uses a stronger chemical on your teeth in the dental office. This approach may use a light or heat source or even a laser to "activate" the solution. Almost all of the research says the solutions work with or without the light systems and that all of the solutions work. But most of the research also says you need multiple visits to achieve what could have been accomplished using custom made trays at home, and the cost of this approach is far greater. Because of this, we strongly suggest the at-home approach.
  • Veneers / Laminates
    Veneers or laminates are thin, custom-made coatings that are placed over your teeth. They are usually made of porcelain to custom fit over your teeth and are then bonded into place. Normally, your tooth has to be slightly reduced to allow for the thickness of the coating. They allow us to change the shade and shape of your teeth so we can often close spaces and "up-right" teeth without a need to wear braces. Porcelain veneer / laminates can create a uniform, beautiful smile by changing the shape, size and color for the best possible appearance.
  • Bonding
    The tooth bonding procedures use tooth-colored filling materials that adhere to your teeth and can change the shape, size, or color of your teeth or repair broken or decayed teeth. In some cases this technique can be comfortably done without anesthesia since no tooth structure is reduced. This process can often be done in one appointment, and the results can be amazing!

    This material can also be used to repair back teeth that have broken or been damaged by decay and can be used to replace old silver fillings. Because the material bonds to the tooth structure, it actually helps to strengthen the tooth.

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Teeth Straightening
Braces are the conventional way to straighten teeth and are still often the best approach. Today there is much talk about "invisible braces", and in some limited situations, they may be an option.

It is sometimes possible to close spaces or "upright" teeth using veneers or crowns or bonding so that we can create the illusion that your teeth are straight -- even if they aren't. Whether or not this is a good option for you depends upon many variables; a thorough examination to determine what is appropriate for your dental condition is important for any cosmetic approach.

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Tooth Colored Fillings
Fillings that match the color of your teeth can be made from tooth-colored filling materials or from porcelain. Since they bond to the tooth structure, they help support the tooth itself. They are usually very durable and are a great alternative to silver fillings.

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Crowns (or "caps" as they are sometimes called) fit over your teeth and help protect them from breakage. They can be made entirely from gold, which creates a very strong restoration, or from porcelain, which can make a very beautiful restoration. Often we can combine gold and porcelain – that is a gold crown with porcelain over the outside, which creates a strong and very life-like restoration.

Crowns can be used to improve the appearance of teeth as well as strengthening teeth and creating an improved biting surface for better occlusion. Crowns are often used to support "bridges" which are sometimes used to replace missing teeth.

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Replacing Missing Teeth

  • Implants
    Implants are one way to replace missing teeth…and can make it seem like they were never lost. The implant is a titanium cylinder that is placed underneath the gum tissue in your mouth. Once it heals, you can use it and care for it as if the original tooth was still there.

    For people who are missing all of their teeth and wearing dentures, implants are a great way to recreate some stability and improve both comfort and chewing ability. They are one of the latest and greatest techniques available in dentistry today!
  • Bridgework
    Bridges are attached to adjacent teeth, most often with crowns. They allow you to replace one or two missing teeth by using the teeth surrounding the space to support the replacement. They can be constructed so that no one would ever know there was a tooth missing, and they feel almost like your own teeth. The only difference is that they are a bit harder to clean well.
  • Removable Bridgework
    When multiple teeth are missing and there are no longer teeth to attach a fixed bridge to, removable partial dentures are often the treatment of choice. These can usually be made in such a way that they are nearly invisible, and they allow people to chew most foods fairly normally and with great comfort.

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There are many areas of concern that often are labeled as "TMJ" problems. (TMJ stands for “temporomandibular joint") Problems may involve noises in the jaw joint area, the inability of people to open normally, or pain somewhere in the facial region. Many of these problems relate to the way people's teeth fit together and can be improved with proper dental care. In all cases, a very careful evaluation needs to be performed before any treatment is begun.

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Preventive Care
Our entire philosophical approach to dentistry wraps around the concept of preventive care. We know that the choices people make regarding what they do every day greatly influences their need for dental treatment. At each continuing care visit our hygienists review and assist each person with their own individual issues regarding their personal dental care habits as it relates to their total health. Our individualized approach to helping people identify any areas of concern, along with collecting historical data, helps each person in their own journey toward health and away from dental disease. We are respectful of everyone's right to their health choices and encourage people to aspire to an optimal level of dental health that daily choices for self care can bring.

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