Teeth Whitening

We love to see you smile - and there are many options available to help you whiten your smile. They range from the simplicity of using a "whitening toothpaste" to the complexity of in-office whitening. While almost all whitening has the potential of causing your teeth to be somewhat sensitive while you are doing it, that sensitivity usually quickly subsides.

“Whitening” Toothpastes
Certain will help remove surface stains on your teeth, but they will not eliminate internal discolorations. Therefore, they are somewhat helpful to assist you in maintaining white teeth, but not particularly helpful in creating them.

Non-Professional Whitening Products
Whitening products purchased in stores may work with minimal to moderate effectiveness, although they often are not as uniformly consistent as many people desire for an optimal result. In general if the advertising seems "too good to be true" it probably is. If you are considering a non-professional whitening system, talk to us to determine if it is one appropriate for your dental situation.

At-Home Professional Whitening Systems
These systems utilize a gel solution and are our whitening systems of choice. We construct custom made trays to wear for a few hours a day (many folks sleep with them). Most people see a significant change in how bright and light their teeth are within two to four weeks. Essentially all of the research in dentistry supports this approach as being the most effective, most long-lasting, and most economical approach to whitening.

In-Office Whitening
This is the other professional approach and uses a stronger chemical on your teeth in the dental office. This approach may use a light or heat source or even a laser to "activate" the solution. Almost all of the research says the solutions work with or without the light systems and that all of the solutions work. But most of the research also says you need multiple visits to achieve what could have been accomplished using custom made trays at home, and the cost of this approach is far greater. Because of this, we strongly suggest the at-home approach.